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Fetish Map London

...for your kink and fetish, with the full lifestyle guide

Fetish Map London

Fetish Map London, published by PictureRama Publishing, is the unrivalled map in the fetish scene to serve all kinksters. Its unique content provides you the most useful and necessary information to find all you need and desire in the fetish world: clothes, accessories, toys, clubs, parties, accommodation, dungeons, event, body art, books and magazines. ALL in a convenient pocket size, with a map of London.

Our campaign, at Fetish Map London, is to provide you with a full fetish and kinky lifestyle experience. We supply you with the most current facts that any serious or newcomer fetishist could ever need for decadent exploration and adventure.

London Fetish Map - Listings side London Fetish Map - Map side

Helping you find your fetish

Fetish Map London is the solution for all fetish enthusiasts and newcomers wishing to explore the scene with the most updated information. Whether you live in London or plan a memorable and unique visit to our capital city, Fetish Map London is the ideal must-have accessory for all fetish enthusiasts and newcomers.

With over 200 wide-ranging fully comprehensive listings, Fetish Map London is your best chance to find all that you need, all in just one publication!

But Fetish Map London goes even farther. Our international advertisers open new doors abroad. Our fetish tourism spirit has taken us to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Hamburg, Oslo and Prague. Our desire to connect with all, ensures we continue our globe trotting calling, and bring you further information.

How far have you experienced fetish tourism?

Plan your visit well ahead with Fetish Map London, and select your favourite places for your adventure, before your arrival…!

A unique publication:

Fetish Map London is the leading publication with all the knowledge you need: no other publication will provide you with such an array of fetish essentials, in one place and one essential map of London to guide you.

Fetish Map London has checked all listings, and advertisers, to ensure authenticity, and researched places for places for your convenience and to save you time and effort.

Don't encumber yourself with hours of research, or closed businesses. Purchase your Fetish Map London and enjoy all the information we have gathered for YOU!

Listing information includes:

Burlesque Map London!

PictureRama Publishing also produce  Burlesque Map London, for those seeking a complete guide to all things burlesque and cabaret!

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